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Tasca Ford Fest

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Saturday 30 August 2014, 08:00am - 05:00pm



  • Fast Ford & Quick Ford                                       $50

  • Street Ford & Tuff Truck                                         $40

  • Run Only                                                                    $40

Show Entry:                                                                      $20
Vendor (General Merchandise)                                   $125 (day of event)
Vendor (Apperal)                                                            $175 (day of event)
Restricted Area Crew                                                     $20
Spectator            Adult                                                     $15
                               Junior 11-15yrs                                  $ 5
                               Children 10 & under                        Free w/paying adult



NO TEST & TUNE Run Only class for Fords
Bracket Racing Classes:
Fast Ford Electronics
7.00 – 11.99 time breaks, .500 full tree, handicap racing, reaction time qualifying, random pairing until 8 cars or less
Quick Ford No Electronics
9.00 – 17.99 time breaks, .500 full tree, handicap racing, reaction time qualifying, random pairing until 8 cars or less
Street Ford No Electronics, Street tires and mufflers required
11.50-19.99 time breaks, .500 full tree, handicap racing, reaction time qualifying, random pairing until 8 cars or less
Tuff Truck No Electronics, Street tires and mufflers required
.500 full tree, handicap racing, reaction time qualifying, random pairing until 8 cars or less

Mustang Showdown Classes:
STOCK CLASS* (Heads-up with .400 Pro Tree)
• 1979 and newer Mustang or Capri 315 cubic inch maximum Open to street legal cars only *
• Stock type suspension front and rear; aftermarket bolt in replacements allowed
• DOT tires allowed up to 28x10.5 inch wide tread as measured.• Slicks 26 X 8.5
• All exhaust must run through mufflers and full tail pipes
• Aftermarket “Street” head, cams, and intakes allowed
• Hydraulic lifters only
• No race style intakes allowed (i.e. Victor, TFS race or Box type)
• Minimum Base weight E7& GT 40 P head 5.0s, and Modular 2V, 3050 LBS
• Minimum Base weight 3V & 4V 3200 LBS
• Aftermarket heads add 150 LBS
• Add 50 LBS for exhaust turn downs
• 03/04 Cobras and power adders not allowed

STREET SHOOTOUT* (Heads-up with .400 Pro Tree)
• Any year Mustang or Capri
• Open to street legal cars only
• Stock type suspension front and rear, aftermarket bolt in replacements allowed
• Slicks allowed 28x10.5x15 as measured - No “W” tires
• Exhaust must run through mufflers
• Naturally aspirated 8.2 deck small blocks minimum weight 2700Lbs; 9.5 deck 2800 LBS
• Single power adder combos, sm. blk. 365 cubic inch maximum
• Single stage nitrous plate systems, (no fogger nozzle systems)
• Vortech S trim, ATI p1, Paxton Novi 1200 Minimum wgt. 3100 LBS
• Vortech T trim, Novi 2000, And all large pro Chargers, 3200 LBS
• Cog type drive belts not allowed on any superchargers
• Street turbo systems with one turbo up to 70mm allowed. All exhaust must exit through muffler system. Minimum weight 3200 LBS.
• Street intercoolers add 100 Lbs. No Igloo coolers.

Stock and Street Shootout classes are for street legal cars. All vehicles must have factory dashboard and full interior. Back seat is optional for cars equipped with roll bars. Rear seat area must be carpeted. Cars must have stock style suspension. Bolt on or heavy duty parts are allowed. Vehicle weights will be checked during eliminations.

STREET OUTLAW (Heads-up with .400 Pro Tree)
• Any year Ford full-bodied car with Ford engine 514 cid Max
• Bolt in lightweight front suspension OK
• Stock type or ladder bar rear suspension permitted, coil-over • shocks permitted
• Rear tire size maximum 29.5x10.5 slick
• Any engine modifications permitted
• All exhaust must run through mufflers
• Minimum weight for nitrous, 2800 LBS
• Minimum weight for Supercharged and Single Turbochargers, 3100 LBS
• Add 100 Lbs for after-cooler or intercooler or big block engine
• Cars must have stock dashboard, full interior, and back seat optional.

OPEN COMP (Handicap Start with .500 Pro Tree)
* Open Comp class is designed for any year, make, and model Ford vehicles using Ford engines only. Dragsters and Roadsters prohibited. The Open Comp class will run on an Open Comp format with a 1-tenth (1/10th) breakout.

• Pro .500 Pro Tree, Handicap Start
• One Tenth Deducted From Best Qualifying ET
• DEEP STAGING – Deep staging is permitted, however not advocated. If you plan to deep stage, it is strongly recommended that you boldly display the word DEEP on all four windows, in plain view of the starter. It is always the driver’s responsibility to stage the vehicle prior to the tree being activated. In any event, the driver must be prepared to leave as soon as the final stage light is lit.
• The class will be qualified by positive reaction time (r/t) closest to “.000” based on a Pro .500 Tree. “.000” is considered perfect. Any negative r/t (-.001 – 1.231, etc.) will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder, the more negative the r/t the farther down the ladder the run will be placed. For cases in which identical reaction times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first come first served: the first occurring r/t will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said r/t will be placed #2 and so on. Class will be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations.

True Street
Reserved for Ford products produced from 1978 to present.

• Any Ford small block, 4.6L, 5.4L or 2.3L four cylinder engines.
• Any modification allowed.
• One power adder permitted.

Street Equipment
• All vehicles must have valid state inspection sticker, current registration, and proof of valid insurance.
• Dealer or repair plates prohibited.
• DOT approved tires mandatory.
• Full exhaust mandatory.

Road Tour
• All competitors must complete a 20 mile road tour.
• Once the tour is complete competitors must park in designated pit area.
• Opening hood for any reason is prohibited. All hoods must be closed until completion of all three passes.
• Opening trunk or hatch permitted for access to nitrous bottles only.
• Passengers are permitted on Road Tour, but not allowed in vehicle during drag racing competition.
• Passengers must have a crewmember wristband.
• Participants on Road Tour must obey all traffic laws.
• Reckless operation will result in disqualification.

Race Procedures
• Crewmembers are not permitted in staging lanes or burnout area during drag racing competition.
• All vehicles must make three runs and immediately return to staging lanes after completing runs 1 and 2.
• Any vehicle unable to start under its own power will be disqualified.
• External cooling of engine prohibited.
• Use of battery chargers or external electrical devices prohibited.
• All vehicles must pass NHRA Safety Inspection.
• Repairs or adjustments from underneath the engine compartment are prohibited.
• After the three passes are complete track officials will add up and tally run data.

• Best Average Elapsed Time
• Most Consistent Reaction Time
• Quickest Elapsed Time
• Fastest MPH

Show Classes
Trophies awarded to 1st & 2nd place finishers.
Entering both race & show not permitted.

Car Show Registration ends at 11:30 AM

• Mustang Stock
• Mustang Modified
• All Ford SVT (Cobras, Focus, Contour) Saleen, Parnelli Jones, S-7’s
• 07 - Present GT 500, Super Snakes, Foose Edition, All Roush Mustangs
• Factory Ford/Mercury (non Mustang) Stock
• Factory Ford/Mercury (non Mustang) Modified
• All Ford Trucks Stock (includes SVT, Harley)
• All Ford Trucks Modified (includes SVT, Harley)
• All Ford powered original Cobra, Cobra Replicas, Pantera, Tigers
• Best Paint
• Best Interior
• Best Engine
• Best Stock
• Best Modified
• Judges Choice
• Best Mustang
• Best Non Mustang
• Best Truck
Plus - Best of Show


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