Written by Brian Lohnes, BangShift.com
At some point in their lives, every little kid thinks about becoming a fireman. Kids don't have the cynicism and other influences that adults have so they see things for exactly what they are. Who wouldn't want to be a fireman as a kid? Big shiny trucks, cats in trees, saving people's lives and property. These are all very noble things and for all those reasons a kid looks at a fireman and thinks,... "Man, I want to do that!"

For most of us it is something that comes and then goes as the rest of life moves us down a different path but for a small percentage of others, those feelings never leave and they put in the work, sweat, and effort to do that thing they became so enamored with as kids.

My heart sank when I heard that two firemen died today in Boston. Men with families who presumably kissed their wives/girlfriends/kids on the cheek before driving to the firehouse like they had so many times before. It was the wrong fire, on the wrong day, with the wrong violent wind. They went into the basement of a building that was on fire with a hose because that's what firemen do.

I hope that over the next couple of weeks the legacies of these two men remain their own and don't become fodder for a media circus. There will surely be investigations and inquiries but the bottom line is that these guys answered the call and ended up paying the ultimate price while doing their jobs as heroically and nobly as the men who inspired them to don the gear, ride the trucks, and rush headlong into burning structures for a living.

I hope the families of Lt. Edward J. Walsh and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy can take some solace in the fact that these men were in that position because it was what they were hard wired to do. That doesn't make it any easier but it should spur the rest of us appreciate our local firefighters even more and the reasons they have the jobs that they do.


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