Racing every Friday Night*

(*No Street Night on Friday July 22nd- NHRA National Event)

New England Dragway’s Street Night program is geared toward letting beginners enjoy the thrill of drag racing. It is also the perfect setting for the more experienced enthusiast who would like to test performance modifications. Newcomers should refer to the chapter about Drag Racing Basics for a more detailed information about the structure of the quarter mile and preparing for that first run. Snowmobiles and Junior Dragsters may compete on Friday Street Night. Except as noted above Street Nights are open to both cars and motorcycles excluding dragsters, altereds and roadsters.
Following are some basic rules, which must be adhered to. Additional information regarding safety requirement is contained in the Racer Handbook, as well as the current NHRA Rulebook.

Cars & Trucks:

  • On Friday Street Night events slick tires are permitted.
  • No bald tires allowed
  • Open exhaust is not allowed
  • Co-driver’s are allowed in all vehicles running 14.00 seconds or slower
  • Seat belts are required
  • Overflow can for radiator required
  • Battery hold down bracket required
  • .500 Full Tree using manual start
  • Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA Rulebook.
  • Vehicles must be street legal and able to pass state safety inspection
  • Nitrous oxide is permitted and must be installed according to the provisions outlined in the curent NHRA Rulebook.
  • Valid state driver’s license required. Learner’s permits are not acceptable
  • Helmets (Snell 2005 or newer) are required for all vehicles running 13.99 or quicker
  • Drivers and co-drivers are required to wear long pants, a shirt, socks, and shoes


  • No slicks allowed. Street tires required (DOT Approved racing tires acceptable)
  • No bald tires allowed
  • Open exhaust is not allowed
  • .500 Full Tree using manual start
  • Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA Rulebook.
  • Motorcycles must be street legal and able to pass state safety inspection
  • Nitrous oxide is permitted and must be installed according to the provisions outlined in the current NHRA Rulebook.
  • All nitrous assisted motorcycles, regardless of elapsed time, shall be required to install an approved Engine Containment System on their vehicle
  • Valid state motorcycle operator’s license is required. Learner’s permits are not acceptable
  • Full face Snell M2005 helmet required
  • Leather jacket and gloves are required
  • Over the ankle leather shoes or boots are required
  • Leather pants are required on all motorcycles running either 10.99 or quicker or 120 MPH or faster
  • All motorcycles must have a permanent style competition number plate attached to the right side of the vehicle

Drag Racing Basics

This section is for newcomers to New England Dragway and serves as a refresher for our regular racers. All racers should refer to the General Race Day Procedures and General Safety Procedures sections of the racer handbook for additional clarification.

Street Night: After paying your race fee at the pit gate, proceed to the Credentials Building for your wristband and tech inspection card. A New England Dragway representative at the Credentials Building will ask to see your driver's/operator's license. After receiving these items proceed to the tech area located behind the concession building for inspection.

Wristband must be placed on the driver's wrist when issued. Wristbands are required for all drivers. Additionally, all crewmembers wishing to ride as a co-driver (where allowed) must obtain a wristband. Under State of New Hampshire law swapping wristbands is considered a theft of services and punishable as a criminal offense. New England Dragway, Inc., has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy for this act. Anyone caught swapping wristbands (this includes, but is not limited to wearing a wristband not issued to them, cutting and taping a wristband) shall be arrested, immediately removed from the premisis, prosecuted and prohibited from participating at any New England Dragway event.

Fill out the appropriate portions of your tech card and wait for the next available tech inspector. This New England Dragway representative will ask to see your driver's/operator's license, wristband and ask for you tech card. Vehicles successfully passing tech inspection process will be assigned a number and directed into the staging lanes.

When your lane is pulled, you must be ready to race. Being race ready means seatbelts are fastened, windows closed (including sunroof) and lights on (when applicable). The Staging Director will guide you toward the burnout area. If you choose to do a burnout, follow the directions of the Water Box Technician. After completing your burnout, proceed immediately to the starting line.

Approach the starting line until your tire activates the pre-stage light. From there, inch your way forward until your tire causes the stage light to come on. This signals the starter that you are ready to race.

Time your start so that your vehicle is leaving just as the green light comes on. A perfect reaction time is .500 seconds. Continue accelerating until you cross the finish line.

If you believe that your vehicle is leaking fluids on the racing surface, or there is a malfunction, pull over immediately and wait for track personnel to assist.

Begin to decelerate as soon as you cross the finish line and continue down track until the third turn. Watch for Top End personnel at this turn for guidance in exiting the track. Remember, the vehicle in the right lane has the right of way. Proceed immidiately to the time slip booth, obeying the posted speed limit of 10 MPH en route.

Your time slip is a detailed record of your run. It provides you with your reaction time, and elapsed time readings at the 60', 330', 1/8th mile and 1/4 mile mark. In addition, it provides you with MPH reading at the 1/8th and 1/4 mile. This data will help you evaluate your run.

After reading the data, you may choose to cool down your vehicle in the pit area r proceed back to the staging lanes for another run. Do not cool down your vehicle in the staging lanes.

All racers are responsible for being familiar and in compliance with current New England Dragway, Inc., and NHRA rules. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, one warning will be given to a driver found in violation of the rules. A second violation during the same event may subject the offender to immediate disqualification and eviction. This includes, but is not limited to; inoperable tail lights, and not having a fire jacket or suit when running an elapsed time of 11.49 seconds or quicker.

The following infractions shall result in immediate disqualificatin and competitiors shall not be permitted to race until the discrepancy is corrected:

  • Convertible running 13.49 or quicker without a roll bar
  • Motorcycle or snowmobile riders running 10.99 or quicker without leather pants and/or a lanyard
  • Hardtop vehicles running 11.49 or quicker without a roll bar
  • Drivers/riders running 9.99 seconds or quicker without a valid NHRA credential
  • Drivers running 13.99 seconds or quicker without a helmet meeting Snell 2000 or SFI specifications
  • Drivers/riders running 13.99 seconds or quicker with a co-driver

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